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Gay marriage in Michigan hits brick wall when federal appeals court blocks it

Gay activists all over the state of Michigan and perhaps the country had reason to celebrate when a federal court over-turned a voter passed ban on same-sex marriage. Yet the celebration of Elizabeth Patten and her same-sex partner Johnnie Terry who received the first marriage ticket in the state was short-lived when a federal appeals court halted all gay marriages, according to Fox News.

Michigan gay marriage ban struck down by federal court  and celebrated by gay couples was halted by appeals court - photo credit- WXYZ -TV
photo credit- WXYZ -TV

On Friday the federal court in Detroit had ruled that 60 percent of the voters of Michigan did not have it right when they voted in 2004 to not let gay marriage activists tell religion what religious organizations should sanction. The overwhelming vote approved a state constitutional amendment that firmly recognized marriage as existing only between a man and a woman.

The champagne bottles were popping all over the gay and lesbian communities as federal Judge Bernard Friedman ruled that the ban was unconstitutional which appeared to be in lockstep with federal court rulings across the nation including the recent ruling in Virginia.

After the federal court same-sex ruling approval dozens of same-sex couples including Patten and Terry beat a path to the nearest county clerk office to officially tie the knot. Meanwhile as the gay couples were exchanging marriage rings and vows a federal appeals court had other plans, reported Fox News.

That same day in Cincinnati, the 6th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals issued a stay on the gay marriages, effectively halting all gay marriages in the state of Michigan due to the state of Michigan’s appeal of the federal court ruling. Now the battle ground between the rights of religious institutions and a majority of the Wolverine state’s voters and the gay rights community will be fought at the next federal court battlefield.

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