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Gay marriage - civil rights or normal sin?

Mouse Couple

That old proverb “while the cat’s away, the mice will play” points to truth. All the best plans for civilizing wayward munchkins depend on the presence of a parent. Kids need guidance. In another setting, if a teacher steps out of the room for a moment but his return is imminent, the classroom norms keep on rolling. But if those moments turn into minutes – well, that’s a different story. The seeds of chaos sprout. Some students seize the moment, others keep on keepin’ on and the middle watches, not knowing what their choice is. Then there is the instructional saga of “Lord of the Flies”, a novel by Nobel-prize winning author William Golding. It’s a story of marooned children and their macabre descent into senseless and primitive brutality that demulsifies into tears of sorrow and repentance for their savagery with the arrival of a rescuing British officer, a symbol of civilized order and safety.

“While the cat’s away, the mice will play” has two worldviews. One is horizontal, the realm of the mice, and one is vertical, the power of the cat. Proponents of gay marriage must make the inescapable argument that the realm of the mice is all there is, that conversation about sexual practices only involves the community of mice, that there really is no cat to which the mice should defer.

Pro-gay-marriage arguments seem to skitter around in popular wisdom, the group-think of a post-modern, relativistic society, which relies more on “positive law” than natural law or divine law. But what does seem to have coalesced is an agreement that love is the authorized arbiter of what’s normal, good and right.

Ad hominem insults abound toward those who put forth anti gay marriage arguments. The media popularizes the parlance of this issue in a way, which often minimizes, marginalizes and ridicules Christians who hold biblical beliefs of absolute right and wrong. Yet it is noticeable that there is no corresponding public pugilism directed toward the Islamic beliefs of absolute right and wrong on this same issue. Perhaps their cat is more fierce.

The values of many in America’s older generation, sometimes credited as soldiers in the civil rights movement are put aside now, so the younger generation can soldier on for what they see as the equivalent social issue of homosexual rights and gay marriage.

Persuasive oratory that references biblical scripture is unpersuasive. A paucity of biblical literacy marks the American culture even though poll results released in May 2012 find that nearly 80 percent of Americans identify themselves as Christian. Secular and relativistic arguments seem to hold sway – the equivalency of everyone’s moral beliefs, questioning the inspiration of the Bible, the accuracy of translation, the import of cultural and historical factors, defining religious morality and public policy as oil and water, and as the coup de grace, invoking love to shame those haters who attempt to dialogue in the public forum with ideas from a differing set of values.

And this is where the Judeo-Christian cat enters the room and it is all about Love. God is absolutely Love, and it is people that He loves. God did send His son, Jesus Christ, to save people from the norm of sinning. Jesus says that He came to fulfill the law, and that to follow Him a person must say no to himself, pick up his cross, symbolizing a turning away from the mouse self that likes the norm of sinning, and choose to be a doer of His word.

Just like the parent, the teacher, the British officer, God has set the rules, which work for the benefit of all. A person doesn’t have to obey Him or even recognize there’s a cat in the room. A person doesn’t have to believe in the absolute wrongs and rights of the Bible. A person is certainly free NOT to believe God gives absolute grace and forgiveness of sin through Jesus' choice to be punished for the norm of sinning in the place of God’s beloved creatures - people.

Just like the law of gravity, the evidence of which is observable all around us and in effect all the time whether we believe it exists or not – the evidence of God’s laws are all around us, observable and in effect all the time whether we believe it or not. Gravity’s consequences happen regardless of our belief. God’s consequences happen based on our belief. He’s coming back.


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