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Gay luge video goes too far in fight back against Putin during Olympics

Russian President Vladimir Putin may have said he doesn't want homosexuals in his country, and the mayor of Sochi may have said none live in that part of the world, but even the Christian community recoils at flagrant displays of homosexual behavior when it is put in their face. And Fox Sports is airing a gay luge video that does just that by the Canadian Institute of Diversity and Inclusion on Feb. 6.

In the gay luge video there are two men moving in a way that leaves little to the imagination of what occurs in private bedrooms around the nation when two males decide to act like a heterosexual couple. And they move in unison to the tune of Human League's "Don't you want me."

The Canadian Institute of D and I take it further and cover the screen of their online advertisement with this statement, which will be news to the rest of the world: "The games have always been a little gay." But at least they have the decency to state that they are hoping the Youtube video will get others to adopt their opinion on the controversial subject, telling everyone that they should "fight to keep them (the Olympics) that way."

2014 XXII Winter Olympics in Sochi should be about the years of training and sacrifices athletes around the world have endured to make it to this important moment in their lives. This event should not be about sex or what kind of sex one practices, or whether or not it is immoral or illegal. And Vladimir Putin should not have had to stress that before the events occurred. But someone wants to make every issue a sexual one these day it seems. And that is robbing serious athletes of their moment in the spotlight, which should not happen.

The XXII Winter Olympic Games begin in less than 24 hours, and hopefully the coverage they will receive from this point forward will be more about the sports and the people who succeed at them rather then what some of them may (or may not do) behind closed doors after they leave the ice.

For a complete schedule of events visit the Sochi 2014 Olympics website.

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