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Gay rapper Fly Young Red performs during Essence Music Festival; new music

Every since the drop of the controversial song/video "Throw That Boy P*ssy" by gay hip hop artist Fly Young Red, there has been lots of speculation as to where he was actually from- whether it be New Orleans or Texas. He proudly showed he was a native of New Orleans this weekend when he headlined a LGBT event on Friday July 4, 2014, during the Essence Music Festival.

Openly gay rapper Fly Young Red performs on July 4th, 2014 during Essence Festival Weekend.
Photo used with permission from FYR Entertainment

When asked about the meaning of "essence" and the Essence Music Festival he replied, "essence is about the empowerment of black women, and I think the Essence Music Festival is the celebration of black music. So this weekend I partnered with the Duke of Orleans, a New Orleans LGBT event promoter, to bring my version of the Essence Music Festival to life." He went on to add that he wants to have this event every year around this time to celebrate the Black LGBT side of music. He would like a platform for these artists and give people an opportunity to come out and experience it on one night during the festival.

Along with performing his controversial hit, "Throw That Boy P*ssy", he brought the packed house down with his new ambiguous hit “Make Me Know It’. When asked about his new single, he explained "I am the gay rapper, that’s already out now I just want to make music, and be known as the rapper who is gay. I don’t expect a heterosexual man to ride down the street and bump 'Throw That Boy P' because he can't identify with it. So if I want to go mainstream, I have to talk about stuff everyone can relate to. My new song, "Make Me Know It" is about making people know what you mean. Like, don’t tell me what you are going to do, show me. Make me know it… he proudly restated with a grin on his face.

When asked about upcoming plans and projects, Fly Young Red says he plans to shoot a music video for his new song 'Make Me Know It' and try to get it on BET. He feels like this outlet will finally showcase his true music skills.

On July 7, 2014 Fly Young Red released his new track. Check out "Make Me Know It" here.

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