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Gay Controversy Launches New Christian-Based Boy Scouts Alternative – No Gays

Boy Scouts stand against inclusion of Gay Scouts and Scout Masters
Boy Scouts stand against inclusion of Gay Scouts and Scout Masters
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With the ongoing and ever increasing attack on Christian values, parents once thought that at least their boys were safe being a part of the traditional Boy Scouts of America. Yet, even that once sacred organization which had its foundation firmly based upon principled Christian values has been diluted with secular acceptance of gay scouts and scout masters. Now there is an alternative for parents who still fight for traditional values of Christianity and of Scouting, according to Fox News.

The organization Trail Life, which hopes to be the Christian alternative to the now suspect Boy Scouts of America, which changed its policy to accepting gays, is expanding its reach. Fox News reports that the fledgling traditional values Boy Scout organization has now expanded into over 40 states. In fact, the group has become increasingly popular with parents across the nation who was fed up with how the older BSA has lost its moral compass.

Rob Green who is the organization’s executive director appears quite excited with the group’s progress which is touted by him as having 600 units now operational and others that are still forming. Parents are reportedly fascinated with the new groups focus on being “morally straight.”

The scouting organization does not intend to bow to the will of social forces which work to intimidate Christian organizations to comply with their secular politically correct views. Instead, Ron Orr was a fourth generation former scout and is now a regional organizer for Trail Life focuses on the recommitment to America’s traditional values. He insists that, “Trail Life promotes itself on its website as the “premier national character development organization for young men which produces Godly and responsible husbands, fathers and citizens,” according to Fox News.

Parents are flocking to be a part of this new Christian-based organization and how it will help benefit their own child’s moral development. Lisa Glaspell, who is a single parent of three young boys, is excited about the organization. She signed her oldest child who is now 5-years-old up for Trail Life, because, “I knew they could provide him with the example and encouragement he’s going to need as a young boy,” she affirmed according to Fox News.

Trail Life may have a huge mountain to climb as it seeks to compete for the hearts, minds and spirits of parents and young boys who want to embrace the scouting life. But with boys like adult leader Joshua White’s son, they are well on their way toward being a success.

Adult leader White shed a tear of pride when his son said why he was proud to be part of Trail Life, his son answered, “I wanted to go with what God would want,” reported Fox News.

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