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Gay Christian Help for Haiti, Where are You???

        Lately I have been in desperate search of finding Gay Christian Organizations that were offering help for Haiti. I do realize that race, religion and sexual orientation has absolutely nothing to do with offering help to people that are in need of food, water, shelter, clothing and everything else essential for living day to day life, but I definitely wanted to know if there were other Gay Christians that were looking to offer help. First I looked for local organizations that were offering help and I easily found many organizations in the greater Atlanta area working together to raise money to help with the relief efforts in Haiti, after finding such organizations I began looking for help from Churches and other Christian organizations that were offering help and donating money. Naturally I found many churches and Christian founded groups that were raising money locally and arranging travel to Haiti to help in the relief efforts. I finally decided to look for Gay Christian organizations, first I reached out within the Gay community that surrounds me to see if any of my friends and co workers knew of any Gay or Gay Christian organizations that were offering help for Haiti, after talking with many people I found out that not any of them knew of any Gay organizations that were working to support the relief efforts for Haiti. I was pretty shocked to hear this because for Atlanta to be known as one of the more Gay populated cities in the U.S. I would expect to at least hear about one relief effort for Haiti put together by the Gay community or at least the Gay Christian community here in Atlanta. So my question to all of my readers that are Gay and Christian, what are we doing as Gay Christians for Haiti??? If you know of any Gay Christian based organizations that are working for relief efforts in Haiti please put the word out, because until I began asking my friends none of them were really paying attention. I pray for Haiti and its people and I definitely want to be a part of helping the people there that have lost so much. I only hope that I will be able to do as much as I would like to do and I ask all of you to reach out in your local communities and try to do the same….

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  • Blackout 5 years ago

    Check out the Metropolitan Community Church's website:

    Focus on Haiti: MCC Disaster Relief

  • ppierre 5 years ago
    i'm gay and haitian...and would be interested in speaking to you about your posting. ...a gay haitian alliance ....maybe?

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