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Gay activist detained by Sochi police: Rainbow 'Gay is OK' flag confiscated

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Gay activist Vladimir Luxuria was detained in Sochi after carrying a rainbow flag that read in Russian, “Gay is OK.” Vladimir Luxuria, an Italian National reported that police grabbed the flag from her and when she went to grab it back they took her away, according to Fox News on Feb. 17.

Luxuria was held at the police station for several hours before they let her go. She had no idea what was going on while at the station because there were only Russian speaking people there and she does not speak Russian.

After about five or six hours Luxuria was let go. The Sochi police confiscated the flag from her. The Sochi Olympic Organizing committee said they spoke with the Sochi Police, who say they have no record of detaining Luxuria.

This is not uncommon, often people are held without the paperwork being filed by the police during a protest, especially when many are detained. The paperwork gets overwhelming and they just let the people go without any paper trail and not giving the detainee any document explaining why they were detained.

While Luxuria can surmise that she was detained because of her rainbow flag, she will never know as no one explained to her why this happened. She wasn't given any paperwork about her detainment. As far as anyone affiliated with Sochi law enforcement, they have no record of this even happening.