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Gawker hack affects over a million users; find out if you're one of them

In a recent Windows Secrets newsletter, Woody Leonhard wrote, "A group calling itself Gnosis broke into the servers and stole the site's source code, employee e-mails, user account info, and much more." He adds, "...Gawker Media Network, owner of, also runs two widely used tech sites: and The Gawker crackers picked up user info about everyone who has an account at any Gawker Media site."

This is certainly bad news if you've ever given any of these sites an e-mail address and password. There is some slightly good news, though. Mr. Leonhard provides a link to a website operated by Duo Security where you can go and enter your e-mail address to check if your information was included in the hack. Here's the link:

Duo Security's "Did I Get Gawkered?" site.

If you're one of the 1.3 million users who has had their information compromised, then you have a long road of password changes waiting for you. For future reference, it's a good idea to use multiple, tough to figure out passwords, and change them often. If you have a lot of sites that you visit that require them, then you may want to look into using password management software. If your e-mail is on the list, don't wait to start making changes--begin immediately!


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