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Gavée cosmetics sets new gold standard for beauty industry

The 'golden' rule of beauty
The 'golden' rule of beauty
Patti Pietschmann

Always eager and ready to sample new products, you LA Beauty Products Examiner just received what sounds like a revolutionary new skincare line called Gavée Gold Collection that is setting new gold standards for the industry with the actual infusion of “spagyrically purified 24K liquid gold that’s been aged for 20+ years, plus other organic and never-before-seen ingredients in skincare that have patents pending worldwide.

Setting a new gold standard in beauty products
Photo courtesy of Gavee Gold

I started my Gavée skincare regimen last night, first cleansing with Gold Citrus Cleanse—a lightly scented gel that washed well and felt good, but was a little difficult to pump out, a problem I found with the other products, too. Perhaps just a small glitch. I used it again this morning. This one costs $38.00.

After cleansing I spritzed with Gold Citrus Mist, a refreshing spray made up of Pro Vitamin B5 and super fruits (mangosteen, açai, noni and goji berry) that are designed to give skin a radiant and healthy glow. And it did. You are supposed to also use this morning and night.

Next came the Liquid Gold Peptides serum that’s intended to brighten and moisturized. It’s infused with antioxidants, peptides, purified liquid gold and other vital elements nourishes the skin while building collagen. Again it’s best to use twice daily and costs $149.

I only tried one more of the entire collection so far (you must come back to hear results and further info), it was the Heart of Gold Elixir a rich cream that felt luxurious going on and which helps hold the moisture in the skin and contains tiny 24K gold flakes in a gel base that add a subtle shimmer to the skin. This sells for $155 and should be applied in the morning after cleansing, toning and serum and at night.

Background info

Okay more about entire seven product collection after a little backstory about the founder of the company Tiffany Andersen, is a veteran medical aesthetician and holistic health practitioner who discovered a jewel at the heart of skin rejuvenation and was granted the exclusive worldwide rights to a cache of spagyrically processed gold aged for 20+ years. Tiffany, in concert with her biochemist and a pharmacist specializing in toxicology, developed Gavée Gold

Tiffany’s desire to develop a safe skincare line started after a serious a car accident nearly paralyzed her and, later, a serious bout with Stage IV Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma indicated her body was no longer filtering toxins. She worked fastidiously to ensure that her products were genuinely toxin-free. She says that Gavée Gold is light years ahead of other skincare lines containing gold that often comes from colloidal or nano-particles of gold and infuse unhealthy sub-particles of metal into the skin.

All the products in the Gold Collection contain the Trivec™ rejuvenating blend of aged Oil of Gold, vintage homeopathic Mineral Cell Salts and Oil of Egg (organic Super Omega Oils 3-6-9). All three of these key elements have been spagyrically processed, meaning to separate, recombine and purify.

Golden rule of beauty:

  • Aged Oil of Gold, called “elixir of life” in historical cultures, decreases skin inflammation, reduces age spots and stimulates cellular growth resulting in tighter, healthier, firmer skin. In ancient Egypt, the beauty-conscious Cleopatra was known to have maintained her youthful skin by sleeping in a 24K gold face mask.
  • Mineral Cell Salts, called “the salts of life,” are proven to replenish all 12 minerals vital to healthy skin.
  • Oil of Egg (containing no egg proteins) is easily absorbed, improves skin smoothness and elasticity, reduce dryness and refines pores. An anti-bacterial agent, it also helps to control acne and repair skin irritations.
  • Diminish crow's feet, deep wrinkles
  • Rosacea
  • Acne vulgaris
  • Protects and balances natural moisture
  • •Repairs broken capillaries
  • Improves tone, texture and elasticity of skin
  • • Reduces cellulite

After a thorough testing of the entire line I will post a full review. Should you want to sample the products yourself I suggest you order the Gavée Gold Travel Kit, which the company if offering for a special $69.99 price through August 30, 214 if you use the coupon code: GOLD at Gavée Gold or by phone at 1-800-684-8298.

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