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Gator's Allie's two favorite natural beauty products for hair and skin

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Hey, this is Gator Allie! Do you want to know the best natural beauty secrets without getting cheated? Of course, if I were cheated, I’d just send Smelly out to rectify the situation! For those of you who don’t have a gator to do one’s bidding, keep reading. Here are my favorite low-cost beauty products:

For starters, I like Palmer’s Eventone BB Cream with cocoa butter and vitamin E. BB stands for Beauty Balm. This product is better than high-priced foundation from expensive companies. After all, they are made an enormous amount of money in commercialism. Palmer’s BB Cream is easy to put on and a little goes a long way. It targets discoloration and is naturally tinted for even skin tone. Imagine, this great product costs less than ten bucks!

Now, for covering up my gray hair and helping me to feel young and alive, I use Surya Henna Cream. It is a new concept in hair coloring and treatment. It won't harm your hair or your health. Based in the principles of Ayurveda, Surya Henna Cream is formulated with a botanical complex of 15 herbs and fruits from India and Brazil's Amazon rainforest. This product is guaranteed to cover gray and white hair on the first application! Now, it is not just used for the older woman. If one wants to change the color of one’s hair, the side panel on the box helps one to view their desired color. All one has to do is follow the chart to see what happens when a particular tone is applied to different hair colors. Surya Henna Cream has a number of different tones to choose from and the results are amazing. In addition, each box contains plastic gloves and a plastic cap. This product was very easy to use. I was amazed!

Both products can be purchased at . Use this coupon code, BER298, and save $5.00 at checkout. has the best prices for natural health products on the web, including free shipping to low-cost shipping on bulk items.