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Gatecrash is here, but Dragon’s Maze is already looming.

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Magic: The Gathering Gatecrash prerelease events have come and gone, but there’s already information on the third and final set of Return to Ravnica block: Dragon’s Maze. The Dragon’s Maze prerelease event will allow players to play as any of the ten Ravnica guilds, but there won’t be a usable prerelease card this time around. Players will still get promos of course, but they won’t be usable in the event.

Players can expect to see a guild pack from their chosen guild, a guild pack from an ally guild, and four Dragon’s Maze booster packs to play with, which should strongly push a player into an exciting three-color manabase.

All ten guildgates and the entire complement of shocklands will be back in Dragon’s Maze, so players should have little difficulty coming up with three or even four color decks.

An active thread on MTGSalvation discusses the possibility of a mythic “Gateland” that allows a player access to an alternate gate-driven win condition.

Dragon’s Maze is still a few months away, but Gatecrash prerelease events go live on Magic: The Gathering Online next week. Looking for more Gatecrash resources? Check out these Limited set evaluations by guild:








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