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Gatecrash is coming

Domri Rade will be leading the new Gruul to victory come January.
2012 Wizards of the Coast

Magic: The Gathering’s Gatecrash will be available for play at prerelease events January 26-27. The set will feature five guilds – Gruul, Orzhov, Dimir, Boros, and Simic. Combined with the Return to Ravnica set, all ten of the original Ravnica guilds will be represented once Gatecrash hits.

There haven’t been many spoilers and previews yet, but the ones that have come out are high profile fare. An errant Craigslist posting revealed a collection of mythic rares, and previews on the official site have showcased all of the new guild mechanics that will be in place.

Domri Rade will allegedly be one of the new planeswalkers, and looks like he will work well with the “new” Gruul – A guild that will be able to take advantage of mana ramping and use creatures as combat tricks on demand via the bloodrush mechanic.

All of the other guilds are bringing flavorful tricks to the table, but Dimir may have the best of the bunch. Ciphering and endcoding spells onto evasive creatures could prove to be one of the set’s most alluring mechanics, allowing players to take advantage of Dimir deception.

Gatecrash prerelease events will run January 26-27, the set will officially release on February 1. It will be the second set of Return to Ravnica block, with the third and final set Dragon’s Maze scheduled to include all ten Ravnica guilds.


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