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Gaston authorities investigating police shooting of family's elderly dog

A 10-year-old senior family pet was shot and killed by a plainsclothes detective from Gaston County.
A 10-year-old senior family pet was shot and killed by a plainsclothes detective from Gaston County.
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Diana McCullough grieves for her very loved and social 10-year-old pit bull, Katrina who was shot and killed by Gaston Detective W.M. Sampson last week. The detective alleges Katrina was aggressive, and he attempted to run from her, but could not get away and was forced to shoot the dog reports the Gaston Gazette.

The Charlotte, North Carolina incident happened on Wednesday at McCullough's home on Rocky River Church Road when detectives arrived at her home looking for her sister in connection with an arson case. McCullough told the men to come around the back and had been nervous, because she stated the detectives had not identified themselves. As McCullough headed toward the door, she suddenly heard a gunshot.

Moments later, Katrina appeared before the woman bleeding:

"She was limping with her back legs hanging behind her. I just screamed," McCullough cried as she told the story to

On Thursday, the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department were gathering evidence of the shooting to help determine if the action to kill an alleged harmless old dog was necessary.

In a press release issued by Gaston County Police, the detective stated Katrina was aggressive and charged at him. The statement described another dog, a yellow Labrador retriever, the detectives stated was fine when they arrived at the home.

McCullough states they shot her dog because she was a pit bull. She had raised Katrina since she was only eight-weeks-old.

"She’s 10 years old. Those guys coming in her yard was not her first rodeo," stated McCullough.

The family have no intentions of letting Katrina's death just drop.

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