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Gascon's 2012 Malbec justifies the search

As a fan of Malbec’s from the Mendoza region of Argentina, I found the Gascon 2012 Malbec Reserva to be a superb example of what I expected from this producer.

A Mendoza Malbec to enjoy

Gascon Vineyards is a mainstay in the Andes region, with a long history of producing quality wines. The 2012 Reserva exemplifies the care Gascon puts into its wines to consistently produce a quality product.

The 2012 begins with a nose of subtle blackberry, plum and other dark stones fruits, and finishes with a small hint of chocolate.

Mendoza vineyards are at an altitude of approximately 2500 feet to 5000 feet. Up against the Andes, with a variety of canyons and fertile plains marking the terrain, most vineyards are fed by clear and pure water from the mountains. This, combined with ample sunlight and great alluvial soil, makes the Mendoza region an outstanding growing area.

Grapes grown at this altitude frequently (due to the elevation and sunlight) end up with thicker skins. The thicker skins ultimately result in a juice that feels fuller on the palate and offers more of a lingering flavor on the finish. With this Malbec the finish is accentuated with full tannins without any acidic overtones.

Harvest for the Reserva came from three high elevation vineyards: the Altimira, the Agrelo and the Tupungato, and the handpicking occurred during the early morning hours. The grapes were cold-soaked after harvest for 72 to 96 hours. Fermentation occurred in upright tanks at temperatures not exceeding 85 degrees F. The juice was in contact with the skins for three weeks to maximize the full flavor of the classic Malbec. The final product had malolactic fermentation followed by storage in oak barrels. For the Reserva, 65% of the grapes were aged for seven months in French and American Oak Barrels.

This is a very good Malbec. Let me assure you it is a wonderful wine to serve at dinner regularly. And best of all, you would feel good about taking it to a friend’s house for a dinner gift.

Have a winederful day!

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