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Gas prices are back up - and will continue to rise

Gas prices are rising again, and they are expected to continue to rise
Gas prices are rising again, and they are expected to continue to rise

Gas prices have gone back up across the county, as many drivers have likely already noticed. The bad news is that experts say the prices will continue to rise for the next month-and-a-half, according to 24/7 Wall St. and other sources. confirms the quick turnaround of gas prices in the recent past.

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It appears that the days of – at or under - $3.00 per gallon of unleaded gas is over. Already, the cities that usually find the lowest prices are somewhere around $3.15, and cities at the other end of the spectrum have already seen prices of – at or above - $3.50 per gallon.

The reason for the increase is reportedly that increase in the price of oil which has once again skyrocketed above $100 per barrel again.

Because prices on gas usually is lowest in states that are plentiful with energy as well as regions with large refinery capacities, states with the lowest prices are Louisiana, Mississippi, Missouri, South Dakota, Texas, and Wyoming. Most of the larger states in the country which have few refineries in comparison to their drivers’ demands have seen the prices increase greatly – and are going to continue to increase. The states reported as being hit hard with the high prices are California, Connecticut, Illinois, New York, and Pennsylvania. Chicago, which has had the highest prices anywhere for a long time – due to Chicago, Cook County, and Illinois taxes – has already passed the $3.50 per gallon mark.

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