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Gary Mathews's Heart for Neighbors

Gary Matthews Cares
Gary Matthews Cares
Photo by Alex Trautwig/Getty Images


Getting things done requires many times help from sources that you would never expect. Gary Mathews has been a committed businessman in Montgomery County for over 3 decades with the areas leading Car Dealerships. There has been an urgent need for 5 K9 dogs to have the best of protection in the form of bullet-proof vests. Mr. Mathews will present a check for $7,000 this week and Chap Oscar will take part in this momentous presentation. The approach has been one that I've championed for many years and that is we all must take steps to be Solution-minded.

Gary Mathews has gained over the years a " community intelligence" and his heart is on teamwork and collaboration with all citizens and the leaders of this region. These Canines deserve to be protected as sworn law enforcers. Nobody wants to see a police dog get hurt in the line of duty. Gary Mathews knows that the purchase of top quality vests in a major investment that will pay off and benefit the community. The many police officers I've met over the years who are involved with police dogs have come to respect these dogs as their equals. Proper fit means everything and they must be lightweight as well. When I see Gary my question will be are these vests stab proof ?

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