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Gary Johnson continues work to raise money to sue Debates Commission

Former Libertarian Party presidential nominee, Gary Johnson is making a "last resort" case to raise money and create awareness of the unfair elections process in the United States. Through Our America Initiative, Johnson is suing the Commission on Presidential Debates (CPD) and yesterday, June 19, 2014, sent out a plea to his supporters for additional money to help fund the effort. This legal challenge, combined with a major national grassroots and media effort, will expose the CPD as the two-party duopoly it is.

In last night's email to his supporters, Johnson stated, "This private organization, funded by large corporations and other special interests, seized control of the presidential debates more than 25 years ago -- and has not let go. As happened in 2012 when I was excluded from the debates, the CPD imposes polling criteria for participation in their debates that only the Republican and Democrat can meet, and then forbids its own candidates from appearing in any other debates. The result: The millions of Americans who consider themselves to be politically independent are harmed. They are intentionally robbed of the opportunity to see and hear, for example, a libertarian approach to government spending, foreign interventions or the so-called “social” issues."

In 2012, Johnson was purposely excluded from several polls the CPD used as part of their criteria to include him in the debates. Thereby, Johnson and many Americans feel the election system is rigged with regard to who is allowed participate in the debates, favoring the Republican and Democratic party candidates to the exclusion of Libertarian and Green party candidates. In his email last night he states, "Has the CPD budged? No. Not an inch. They arrogantly reject or ignore any attempts at fairness. And, they continue to do harm to ALL of us by limiting one of Americans’ most precious choices: Choosing a President."

Johnson has also been publicly critical of the media in their coverage of legitimate and serious candidates for elective office stating in 2012, "We’ve known from the very beginning that we could never depend on the elite media alone to communicate with the voters we need to reach."

Every four years, the Commission on Presidential Debates (CPD) holds debates of the Republican and Democratic candidates despite the fact that a majority of Americans now say that neither the Republican nor the Democrat party represents them. The two “major” parties use their Commission, which is a private organization created by those two parties, to make absolutely certain that no one other than their candidates is allowed to debate the issues of the day before a national television audience.

They saw to it that another situation like Ross Perot did not happen again. Through constant badgering and constant paid and unpaid media appearances, billionaire and Reform Party founder, Ross Perot appeared in presidential debates alongside Democrat Bill Clinton and Republican George HW Bush. Perot received 19% of the votes by Americans that year and that was the last year a third party candidate was permitted in the exclusive two party club. Without approval of the citizens of America, the criteria was changed to make certain only a Democrat or Republican was before the public in the widely seen presidential debates.

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