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Gary Johnson continues quest to get third party in debates

Governor Gary Johnson's Our America Initiative campaign to litigate against the Commission on Presidential Debates (CPD) continues its success raising nearly $14,000 as of today to pay for the costs of litigation. Johnson's campaign goal is to raise $30,000 by March 15, 2014 before the time to litigate has expired. Johnson was the 2012 Libertarian Party presidential nominee who was purposefully excluded from the presidential debates. He met all the criteria to be included in the debates except the one that required him to show at least 15% results in at least 5 presidential polls - the only issue was his name was not included in those polls. Johnson is also a two term governor of New Mexico.

In January, Gallup released results from a number of polls that, when combined, showed 42% of Americans identify themselves as political independents. Only 25% consider themselves Republicans, and 31% Democrats. In other words, independents outnumber Republicans and Democrats by a wide margin. Yet, in 2012 and the past several presidential elections, when it came time for nationally televised presidential debates, only the Republican and Democrat candidates were on the stage for Americans to view.

Our America Initiative, which Governor Gary Johnson is honorary chair, believes that is just wrong which is the reason for the campaign to raise enough money to launch a legal complaint against the debates commission.

If you understand the truth about the Commission on Presidential Debates, which has an exclusive contract with the news media to monopolize presidential general election debates, it is not surprising that only the Republican and Democrat candidates are allowed to appear before millions of Americans in what are indisputably the most important events of any presidential election.

It’s not surprising because, despite its official-sounding name, the debate commission is actually a private organization owned and operated by the two “major” parties. The organization that controls the debates was created by the Republican and Democratic national committees -- for the mutually beneficial purpose of creating the impression that their candidates are the only real choices for President of the United States.

As candidates in 2012, Johnson and his Vice Presidential candidate, Judge Jim Gray (Ret.), challenged the duopoly in Federal Court, and that case has still not been decided. With the 2016 election approaching, the Our America Initiative is renewing this legal challenge to a rigged system by refiling the lawsuit in a different venue: Washington, DC. Our legal team is confident that moving the case to the nation’s capital will dramatically increase the pressure on the courts to act.

Johnson said recently in a statement, "Even with a great deal of volunteer legal support, this crucial legal challenge is expensive. To get the necessary work done and paperwork filed in a timely manner, Our America must raise $30,000 by March 15. We don’t have big corporate “sponsors” like the ones who pay the Debate Commission’s legal costs. Rather, we only have supporters like you -- supporters who understand the importance of putting Liberty on the debate stage in 2016.

I’m counting on you to make sure we have the $30,000 we must have by March 15. Please go to Our America's Debate Challenge today and contribute what you can to this vital effort. $10, $25, $100 or more will go a long way toward making sure the 2016 debates are not controlled by just the Republicans and Democrats."

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