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Gary Head to Kieffer Delp: "We should get a disability check for PTSD."

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The two have never met, come from very different backgrounds and live vastly different lives. One's a drifter, an ex-junkie, born into a broken family from New Jersey; the other comes from a loving family in North Carolina, an ex-Marine who served in Afghanistan. But Gary Head and Kieffer Delp share one thing in common: they both dated Jenelle Evans, the troubled "Teen Mom 2" star who is known more for her relationship and legal drama than being a mother to her son, Jace, who she had when she was 17.

Gary and Kieffer didn't always get along. In fact, they used to hate each other. Throughout the first half of 2012, when caught up in a tumultuous love triangle with Jenelle, the two exchaged countless angry words and insults via Twitter, both acting under Jenelle's apparently hypnotic love spell. But that all changed one night in July 2012 when Kieffer, after a big fight with Jenelle (who he was engaged to and living with at the time), apologized to Gary via Twitter and said he now understood where he was coming from. Gary, ever the forgiving heart, was quick to accept his apology and the two made peace.

Nowadays, while Gary and Kieffer are by no means best friends, the two occasionally exchange friendly tweets, such as today, when the two went back and forth, mocking Jenelle and sharing many laughs at her expense.

The conversation started out innocently, the two talked about their New Year's Eve escapades. Then Kieffer mentioned he is in Wilmington, North Carolina for a court date to face breaking and entering charges that Jenelle pressed against him last year.

Gary wished him luck and offered words of advice.

Gary: all you gotta say is "look at her your honor" you'll get off. Worked for me.

Kieffer: she admited I didn't break in and I liv3d there in police report besides the fact I wasn't there

Then Jenelle, who apparently saw the conversation, chimed in to defend herself:

i moved back to NC from NJ. U got mad I wouldn't give u the tools for yr pipes... So u told me if I didn't open my door u would show up and kick it down, sure enough u did.. Just like Gary

This ignited Gary's firey temper, who quickly replied to Jenelle with his version of events:

damn right I kicked your door in. I say imma do it then beat believe imma do it. Should of opened it up instead of having me stand outside to grab MY things making me look like an ass to the neighbors. I called/text back to back and you wanted to sit inside and CRY like a little bitch. I dot have time for all that. U got my shit & I wanted it back #Takers

This apparently brought back memories for Kieffer, who did not reply to Jenelle, but chimed in to continue his conversation with Gary as the two exchanged laughs over her dramatic antics:

Kieffer: I remember how mad she used to get when I called her a crybaby she used to cry harder

Gary: what about the "WHY ARE YOU DOING THIS TO ME?"

Kieffer: hahaha oh my god she did that to yu to how bout Y WONT THEY JUST LEAVE ME ALONE:'( !!!

Gary: nothing beats the classic lets scream to the top of our lungs thinking it will change shit

Gary: you know it's killing her that we are talking. Shes probably kicked Nate off da bed by now

The two also joked about their memories of Jenelle's apparently clingy behavior:

Gary: We should get a disability check for PTSD #NoLie #ShesThatCrazy

Kieffer: no one gets along with her for long

Gary: Ikr! How many times have you seen her post "Girls Night" she's so scared her bf will have more fun without her. She's clingy as [expletive].

Kieffer: hell yea can't do [expletive] without her asking all dem ?s making statements assumin hahah

Gary: I remember the night she followed me and my boy [Twitter name removed] to the club. #ShesThatCrazy

Gary: I couldn't even take a [crap] without her trying to record it. #LikeWTF #Issues #SheCray

Kieffer: gotta make sure you don't let her c your unlock code or she will delete every chick of your fb

Gary: oh she slapped the [expletive] outta me in a dead sleep cause I was texting [Twitter name removed].

Kieffer: knowin she got skeletons all in her inbox lol

Kieffer: I can't lie I loved her but enough is enough

My thoughts? Although the two are obviously having fun reminiscing, I suspect Kieffer and Gary are in two different places, emotionally, when looking back on their relationship with Jenelle.

Kieffer appears to have moved on, or, if not, he is at least is good at giving off the impression that he has moved on. Why do I say this? A couple of reasons. For one, aside from today, Kieffer rarely ever mentions Jenelle on his Twitter timeline. Secondly, if you notice, he listened to Gary's stories of Jenelle without becoming angry or seeming jealous - his responses to Gary were aimed at relating to Gary, rather than competing with Gary by sharing his own stories of what Jenelle did when she was with him. Thirdly, Kieffer appears to have detached himself enough from the situation to view it objectively enough to admit that he did, indeed, love her at one point - he has no need to pretend he did not as a defense mechanism. He appears to have had closure over the situation.

By contrast, Gary mentions Jenelle constantly and told multiple stories about his relationship with her. The purpose of the conversation for Gary seemed to be less about relating to Kieffer and more about having someone else to vent to about Jenelle (and it doesn't hurt that Kieffer can relate, but Gary will vent about her to anyone and everyone), who he is obviously still very angry with. That does not necessarily mean Gary is still in love with her, in fact, he seems more angry with her than he does in love with her, but I get the sense that Gary is not yet at peace with the way things ended, he still seems to be seeking closure over the whole situation.

Perhaps this is because unlike Kieffer, Gary entered the relationship with something to lose: he had a job, a career and money. Unfortunately, his relationship with Jenelle cost him all of that when she pressed assault charges on him in the summer of 2012, which resulted in him being kicked out of the Marines and thus, he lost his job, career and livelihood. By contrast, Kieffer entered the relationship with essentially nothing to lose. He was a high-school dropout with a criminal record. So for Kieffer, regardless of how things ended, he had nowhere else to go but upward and one could argue that he did because, if nothing else, "Teen Mom 2" gave him a paycheck and a platform to promote any future business ventures that he may want to pursue. So Gary harbors more regret, anger and bitterness over his relationship with Jenelle than Kieffer does and thus, is having a harder time making peace with the situation.

For Jenelle's part, she tweeted that she wishes her exes would just move on and stop talking about her.


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