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Gary Cass: Bill Maher "has no basis for morality"

Gary Cass
Gary Cass
Gary Cass / Twitter

On March 17, 2014, Gary Casss penned a column for in which he also lashes out at Bill Maher for his criticism of Americans who believe in the Biblical flood of Noah.

Like so many of Maher's critics in the American Taliban, Cass does not know how to respond except to kick and scream that Maher is not allowed to comment because he is not a Christian:

Bill Maher has a worldview that cannot account for the existence of God, much less God’s intervention in history. Based upon Maher’s unbelieving assumptions, his opinions make sense. But the Scriptures call a person with these types of assumptions a fool.

It's ironic that Maher accuses God, who Maher does not believe in, of violating his moral standard. But because he does not believe in God, Maher has no basis for morality. Apparently Maher does not see the utter futility of his feigned moral outrage.

Ever the showman, Maher just likes to shock people no matter how irrational he sounds. So the far left will grant Maher the applause of fools while he heaps up for himself judgment and condemnation before Almighty God. In the end, God judges Bill Maher, not vise-versa. Laugh all you want, but rest assured God will not be mocked.

Actually, Maher does have a basis for morality. He also has the willpower to abide by it without the constant threat of some invisible man in the sky who will shove a lightning bolt up his nose if he ever steps out of line.

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