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Gary Busey is instant 'Internet Gold' for Amazon Fire TV product launch

It’s inexplicable, it’s irresponsible, and it’s just too darned bad, but there’s no doubt about it—Gary Busey is modern day “Internet Gold,” to quote J. Michael Green, a communications coordinator who works at Texas A&M University. Just like Bo knew Nike shoes, Michael Green knows social media. Busey’s role is as product spokesman for Amazon Fire TV. The YouTube video featuring the new Amazon television commercial for their newest product—Amazon Fire TV— was posted two hours ago (approximately 9 a.m. PST on April 2, 2014, to coincide with the same-day website product announcement launch) and already the video has gone viral with over 301,000 views. In response to an story bashing Amazon for using Busey as a spokesperson, Green suggested this reporter revisit Busey's vitality in getting a message distributed quickly.

Gary Busey is Amazon's choice to pitch its new Fire TV; good idea or bad?
Photo by Robin Marchant/Getty Images

Amazon didn’t use a press release; they just used their own website and their overarching power of the internet as they are undoubtedly preeminent in that area. But really, Gary Busey? The same fellow who used to be a great actor in “The Buddy Holly Story” and “A Star is Born”? That one? The ersatz star of “Entourage” from 2004–2007 has skyrocketed and bottomed out in the same decade, more than once, and he’s back again. Busey has worked, prolifically, for over four decades but in a long-forgotten list of one shot television appearances.

On his most recent recurring television role, “The Apprentice,” the full Busey talent was on display, not necessarily at his best, but on display. If you were born after 1990, chances are good that you like Busey and think he’s funny. But to Baby Boomers, Gary is the antithesis of a pitch man to be selling anything to anyone. And yet, the old generation must make way for the new, even if they think Gary Busey is “Internet Gold.”

But will he be able to sell Amazon’s Fire TVs? Time will sell. Stay tuned and “Don’t touch that dial!”

(Author's note: at the time of viewing the YouTube clip had 301K views on the YouTube counter, but a re-viewing shows a different number. It could be that a video replacement was uploaded and the counter began again. At any rate, it's still viral enough to qualify for "Internet Gold" and the number of comments on the video is further support of that fact.)

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