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Garth of Izar comes to Houston: An interview with Alec Peters

Usually when a new Star Trek project comes abut, you get plenty of Prime Directive, star ship sets , and special effects ,but rarely does the history that connects the early days of Star Trek to the original series come to the fans.

Thanks to Alec Peters that has all changed. The producer and lead role in the documentary styled Prelude to Axanar, this entrepreneur, writer and sometime actor, who has portrayed Garth of Izar before, shared his love of Trek, and of one of his favorite characters.

"I wanted to know why was he Kirk's hero ? What was this big battle of Axanar ?", said Alec Peters during the interview I had with him during The Houston Con.

In the video, Alec expressed his motivation for Axanar, fans enthusiasm for the short, and the warm welcome he has received in 'The Space City'. He also discussed working with Star Trek: Phase II and how the story of Garth of Izar will conclude with the rehabilitation and reconnecting of Garth to Star Fleet after ten years an exile in insanity.

Taking a character who had been established as an insane, fallen hero within the context of the original series episode, "Whom Gods Destroy", Mr. Peters, has taken on quite the role for himself helping to develop the characters back story and show why Garth of Izar's skill in combat was required reading at Star Fleet Academy.

Alec Peters has coached men's volleyball at USC, started Auctionworks, which became E-bays, biggest client for automation in sales.

Now with Prop Worx, a company that specializes in the collecting and auctioning of sci-fi movie props and costumes, he is able to combine business expertise with his love of the sci-fi genre.

Alec was in Houston with the cast and director of Prelude to Axanar to promote the film as well as interact with the fans at the con.

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