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Garth Brooks Saved My iPod

Garth Brooks
Garth Brooks
Courtesy of Capitol Records

Anyone who has a computer and an iPod will feel my pain when I tell you that a couple of weeks ago my computer crashed and ultimately erased all of the songs that it was hosting.

I was literally left with the four sample songs that my computer came with when I first purchased it, and with 800+ songs left to recover, I began reevaluating what songs meant the most to my musical collection.

One of the first albums that I grabbed in my search to rebuild was a box set I had purchased years ago by Garth Brooks and it got me thinking, was this the only album set I really needed?

Brooks is undeniably one of the best artists that has ever graced the sounds of country music and is also the reason for its evolution in the last two decades. There is no doubt that his stage presence and musical abilities are unequivocal to anyone who has followed him, and while most new artists try, there will never be another one like Garth.

Songs such as “Friends in Low Places” and “Ain’t Going Down Till the Sun Comes Up” still resonate as strongly today and they did all those years ago, and have even made their way into rock concerts where bands such as Nickelback have sung them with almost as much gusto as ACDC’s “Highway to Hell”.

In my opinion, “The Dance” is still the best song ever written in the history of music and that’s including every other genre you can imagine.

So when I started loading his songs back into my Itunes library I began to really question the quality of the tracks I was about to reload, and the thought crossed my mind, did Garth Brooks just save my iPod?


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