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Garth Brooks’ fans break Ticketmaster? Ticket sales and demand burdens website

Garth Brooks
Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images

When Garth Brooks announced he was going on tour, fans of the entertainer were excited. Not everyone has been able to get to Las Vegas to see him in residency. While the media might not have focused massively on this big star and his upcoming tour, the fans have been obsessed with getting tickets. According to Fox 411 on Tuesday, when the tickets were finally released for the Atlanta show in September there was such a rush for the third show that the website broke.

Garth Brooks hasn't publicly announced what happen to the issue, but it appears he might be a bit annoyed with the decision to suspend ticket sales for the third show as he doesn't know when tickets will be made available again. The radio station Kicks 101.5 in Atlanta, the singer knows the issue is being worked out, but didn't have any details during the live interview. He was apologetic to his fans and promised the situation would get fixed sooner rather than later.

The crazy thing about breaking the Ticketmaster website is that it rarely happens. Big singers like Taylor Swift, One Direction and others have brought in quick ticket sales, but nobody can brag that the website was taken down because of a rush of traffic like Garth Brooks can now say. The action just reflects just how popular the country singer is and how many people want to see him.

So when will the tickets actually be released for the third show? Right now there is no indication on what date that might happen, but it will be soon. Wanting to make sure that everyone has a chance to see the star on stage, the chance to get tickets is very competitive and needs to be fair. As for Ticketmaster, the online ticket sales company is probably under a lot of pressure to make the event fair to everyone and looking at the future sales for other shows to make sure this doesn't to other concert venues.

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