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Garrison Park in Williamsville, NY

Now that spring has arrived in Buffalo, it's time to get outside with the kids and explore your local parks.  Garrison Park is located at Garrison Rd., South Ellicott Street and Park Drive in Williamsville, NY.  This park has had some great improvements in the last 3-4 years.

A couple of years ago they replaced the playground equipment and now most everything is brand new. (The swing set is older) There is a large sandbox with a bunch of big trucks and other sand toys for the kids to play with. Also, in late June the wading pool opens and it is FREE!

One of the big draws to Garrison Park is the big gazebo. Perfect if you want to pack your lunch or if you need shelter from a sudden rain shower passing through!

A couple of need-to-know things about the park. First, there are no bathrooms. Last summer there was a porter potty placed in the park but just for the summer. Second, be careful of where you park or you may find yourself with a parking ticket. Do not park too close to the fire hydrant and be sure you are at least 15 feet from the crosswalk.  (Don't ask how I know!)

Enjoy the beautiful weather and check out an area park.  It's fun and it's FREE!


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