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Garrison artwork previewed by 'World of Warcraft' art team

World of Warcraft garrison example screenshots-slide0

With the "Warlords of Draenor" expansion coming soon, more information on its features are being detailed on the official website. The "World of Warcraft" art team posted a preview of players' personal garrisons on Tuesday. The preview shows off the architecture, set dressing, and more of the upcoming feature.

A garrison building in World of Warcraft

Garrisons are set up to be a "core experience" of the expansion. Not only will they bring essences of Stormwind and Orgrimmar into Draenor, they will also grow in power during the player's adventures. Buildings that are familiar to players will show up in their garrisons. Stables, lumber mills, mage towers, and more will be updated visually in order to be placed in garrisons. Gamers will be able to level their chosen profession through garrisons and the respective profession building will definitely become more grandiose as the profession levels up.

Several screenshots of garrisons and their upgrades are sprinkled throughout the article. Be sure to check out the full piece. The article focuses on Alliance structures this time around; however, a Horde oriented piece will show up at a later date.

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