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Garrett Mogan inventor of the first chemical hair relaxer

In 1905, Garrett Augustus Morgan, an African American male born in Paris, Kentucky invented the first chemical straightener.

Morgan's invention was accidental.
While experimenting with sewing machine liquid, he discoverd while wiping his hands on a towel that the residue left the fibers less coarse. From there, he continued testing the product on different subjects. When the formula was to his liking, that's when he put his product on the market naming it "G.A. Morgans Hair Refining Cream."

Today chemical straighteners are best known as chemical hair relaxers. Since the first discovery many, chemical relaxer brands have hit the market. There are drugstore brands such as Soft & Beautiful, and Dark & Lovely, and then there are the professional only brands such as Affirm and Mizani just to name a few.

Of course naturally kinky coils are beautiful, but for some chemical relaxers allows better manageability.

Paying homage to Garrett Augustus Morgan for giving African Americans the option to to relax their natural wave pattern.

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