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Garrard makes Pro Bowl

Wait, which one of these is in the Pro Bowl?
Wait, which one of these is in the Pro Bowl?

David Garrard is going to the Pro Bowl this Sunday in Miami.  Yes, that David Garrard.  And yes, that Pro Bowl.  With Peyton Manning having some bigger fish to fry, Tom Brady nursing some injuries, and well, every other Pro Bowl-sounding quarterback in the AFC otherwise saying "no thanks", Garrard gets his first all star action in his 8-year career.  

He's gotta feel a little bit like President Obama did when he found out he won the Nobel Peace Prize.  "Hey guys, thanks!  This is quite an honor.  But um, really?  Me?"  Garrard, 31, finished the season with an 83.5 passer rating, completing 314 of 516 passes (61%) for 3,597 yards, along with 15 touchdown passes and 10 interceptions.  A thoroughly average year, but hey, at least he led NFL QBs with 323 yards rushing.  He's one of nine NFL quarterbacks to start 32 regular season games over the last two seasons, and, well, if you need something else (and you might), he's also very friendly in the locker room, and is generally a tough guy to root against.

He joins teammate Maurice Jones-Drew as the two Jags in South Florida.  The game airs 7:30 p.m. Saturday on ESPN.