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Garner Your Negative Power Network

We all get excited in our professional careers, especially as we complete a project, develop a helpful presentation or complete certificates and degrees to enhance our professional development. As a psychology professional, you may have accomplished so many wonderful personal challenges as well as professional challenges. You have planned to attend conferences and seminars to mix and mingle and learn about ways in which you can expand your professional experiences with schools, universities, counseling centers as well as within corporate industries. Let's offer some tips to help you to navigate through the fears and natural negative thoughts that creep into the hearts and minds of all movers and shakers, especially psychology professionals. We are encouraging you to use the negative power and transfer to 7 Network areas that will not only enhance your brand but give you a sense of power, encouragement and continued enthusiasm in your professional journey.

You desire change. You have been exquisitely trained and you're ready to roll out the red 'ideal career carpet'. However, deep in your heart, although you know better, you feel your Negative Power Network Negative Non-Productive Highway - Your power is nominal and your network is sinking. You are falling into self-doubt, negative self-talk, I can if only-I am to -old, -young, -short, -tall, -broad, or -narrow. And no one will want me anyway !!!flourish all around you. Instead of cascading down your ideal red career carpet with confidence, assurance, positive hopeful thoughts, you are tagging along

Your Negative Power Network is now in Effect!

Negatives are the power punches needed to Network your proverbial career boat back ashore. You love psychology, counseling, instructing in the field, case studies, control groups, group projects, speaking to the Congressional staff on psychological research trends. You adore best practices to obtain Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs and Suicide Prevention Classes ROCK your boat. Repeat after me....

"I Is Special". "I is Relevant" And Darsh , "I can achieve the career goals for myself in my profession by Transforming Negative Power into Networking Power"!!

Let's borrow the power action used by the fictitious characters, The Wonder Twins as they used to say, "Wondertwin power, Activate"! Shape of ... Form of.... Let's shape our careers and then let's form it via networking.

  • Shape of Positive Content:
  1. Start to build new and relevant career communications content for yourself.
  2. Prepare your professional bio, resume, cover letter, pictures of your significant career events with bylines, research abstract, list of testimonies, quotes and key accomplishments.
  3. Generate 140 character descriptors outlining your key strengths professionally.
  4. Highlight 5 areas of professional strengths showing how you have helped solved professional challenges.
  5. Set up professional profiles with one branded topic. For instance, set up urls that are consistent for your blog, LinkedIn profile, Face book, Twitter, Google+ profile,, Vizibility, BranchOut, Youtube channel, and other similar sites. Set up a professional email for your professional.
  6. Set up several bios. One of for your Guru Factor (Let people know the special expertise that you have.) One bio should be for your Star Factor (Let people know what sets you apart beyond your special expertise. Let audiences know what you do that's worthy of admiration.) And a final bio can be set up as a Elevator Factor ( This bio can be used as a general introduction).
  7. Now that you have all of your career communications, let it shine !
  • Form of Distributing to Key Gatekeepers who are looking for you:

Now it's time to cultivate a positive brand for your professional self via networking. Let's share a tip for you:

  1. Begin to grow your knowledge for each social media platforms. Use them completely to connect your ideal associations with your career passion. It is very important that you learn how to manage your online reputation. See for more help with managing your brand. In addition,
  2. Enhance your professional image. Start with, Plaxo, ZoomInfo, ExecuNet, Ning. These sites offer free services that will all you to engage audiences who are interested in your professional interests and passions.
  3. Connect with your professional affiliations and professional associations. In the field of Psychology, there are databases representing national, international, academic, non-profit and service associations and organizations to connect with to share your relevant professional career communications. Start with regional, national and international psychology associations.
  4. Keep in mind that you want to seek to let people know who you are, what you can do and what you have accomplished. Promote yourself. The key concept that you want to leave in the minds of your potential network is the question, "Oh, how did you do that?" and "Where can I get more information.
  5. We are encouraging you to create positive content. Recreate content for your specific industry and passion.
  6. Learn how to share specific, relevant information so that you are seen as a subject matter expert and as person who loves what they do.
  7. Be sure to join us at our session called, "Those Negative Thoughts Won't Help! Networking Will: 7 Needed Networks for Psychology Professionals.

We hope that this article is helpful. Check out the video, 'How to Understand Small Business Networking'. Check in with us on LinkedIn to catch our upcoming session. Connect with me via or email me for more details.

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