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Garland schools slow traffic again

It didn’t take long after the start of the school year to discover all the traffic back-ups bilging from the ringing of bells. One of our north-Garland conscientious observers quickly pointed out traffic stemming from the start of the new school year along with the start-up that occurred over the summer.
At the intersection of Beltline Road and Shiloh Road, before 3 p.m., traffic begins to gather and does not relent until well after 4:30 p.m. With the addition of the newly erected International Leadership of Texas school, the city of Garland failed to consider the thoroughfare traffic influx resulting from the school opening. Coupled with parents picking-up children from Brighter Horizons Academy with just down the street, Garland’s public school Parson’s Pre-K, traffic within this one city block compares to I635 westbound on a Friday during football season.
While Shiloh southbound backs up to Lawrence Drive to the north, the eight-tenths of a mile drive can take drivers over 30 minutes to pass through the stretch. Garland's transportation department failed - again - and we bear the brunt. For environmentalist, as we examined in our June article, the amount of fluorocarbons bilging into this small surrounding emanating from this daily regiment contributes greatly to the poor air quality of north Texas. With temperatures teetering at 100, it’s no mystery why those prone to respiratory illness suffer.
The lack of planning stemming from the previous administration’s cranial necrosis now gets dropped into the laps of a new mayor and two new councilmen. This may pose as these administrators first civil reaction to a problem that will not mend itself. It’s time to see the muster these men are made of. It’s time to go to work.

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