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Garland changes 2013 water restriction - again

The city of Garland immediately imposed a addendum to its phase three watering restriction. Due to the high demand it places on the water supply, residents are no longer permitted to water on the Saturday only schedule. Homeowners and businesses are now allowed to water on the day of their corresponding trash pick-up.
To clarify, if the garbage truck runs through your alley on Tuesday, water on Tuesday. If the trash man visits your house on get the picture.
The infestation of zebra mussels dampens the use of Lake Texoma water, adding the burden to the already low Lake’s Lavon, 63% capacity, and Chapman, 46% capacity.
Didn’t we see this coming?
In late April of 2012, we reported the burden the Saturday only water implementation would put on the lakes. The zebra mussels made an appearance at Texoma in 2009, and exploded in the late summer of our favorite drought year 2011. Attrition from evaporation and consumption continues to burden the dwindling water supply. It’s time once again, to examine the importance of using city water to keep grass green and look for methods to stop the need for keeping up with the Joneses.


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