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Garland publishes idea book

green living in Garland
green living in Garland

New for the residents of Garland, the city offers - get this - a free book at no charge to the community. For a limited time only, the publication, ‘Garland Residential Idea Book,’ available in download, offers several suggestions to, if you will, tidy up the old living space and make improvements to home and hearth. What we’re unclear on is the city’s motivation behind publishing said manual.
Inside ‘Garland Residential Idea Book,’ the authors block the contents into four general categories. 1. “Finding the style of your home,” with a brief history of urban development springing after WWII and descriptions on determining the specific architectural style. 2. “Determining the improvement type,” which gives us insight to recommendations per each particular home style. 3. The two-page, “Top ten ideas,” chapter list nothing more that getting outside, painting what needs painting, trimming the hedge and cutting the grass. The rest of the world calls it - curb appeal. 4. The two-page, “Steps to take,” chapter recommends that you simply, yes simply, call the city permit department - for any questions that you may have in improving your property. This chapter also lists all the projects that require a permit before implementing and thus lies the city’s motivation for publishing the book.
With all the recommendations Garland put together inside the 77-page manual, nearly any capital improvement will require a cost associate permit before construction. Afterwards, the homeowner is required to contact the handy, helpful and courteous team of city inspectors that more times than not, red tag every project before completion. For review: red tag - bad; green tag - good, which really maximizes the mental capacity of the men issuing these tags.
Garland Residential Idea Book,” provides an adequate guide for residents to undertake capital projects and start 2014 in a renewed direction. In time, the Dallas County Central Appraisal District will find more square footage per yard, thus increasing the homeowner’s tax base parlaying into more tax revenue for the city and its devious little sidekick, Garland Independent School District. As an incentive for the residents to improve individual curb appeal, Garland could offer reduced rates and tax deferment for the determined to undertake home improvement projects.