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Garland initiates phase 3 watering

Once again, the city of Garland imposed water restrictions on the residents of the community. Phase 3 allows lawns a weekly sprinkle, Saturday’s only and between the twilight and overnight hours, with the residents only required to comply with the watering restriction. Several of our observing friends inform us that the city itself somehow has no limitations on the watering restriction while its companion in noncompliance, Garland Independent School District, opens its free-for-all on the city’s water supply. As of June 19, Garland rainfall totals 3.18 inches, a noticeable increase over the last three years. Our two primary culprits draining the basins still continue to water the lawns on the evenings after and even during rainfalls. Enforcing the standards on one body and allowing an exemption on itself is not an acceptable practice of government. Garland - lead by example.

Enclosed are the enforcement criteria Garland uses in regulating water control.
General Utilities Provision Code: Sec. 51.95 Enforcement: Water use restrictions imposed in stage 2, 3 and 4 drought stages may be enforced as follows:
(1) Upon the first or a subsequent violation, a customer may be issued a citation, with minimum and maximum fines as established by ordinance.(2) Upon the second or a subsequent violation, the City may cut off water service to the customer. Services discontinued pursuant to this subsection will be restored only upon payment of a reconnection charge as set forth in section 50.30(D)(1)(b) of this Code.
If someone out there could make sense of this ordinance, we’ll all be wet and wiser.
For the Garland gardener, protect the vital plant root system with mulch, mulch, and mulch. Layering several inches of soil with deciduous tree remains stabilizes evaporation and allows plant roots to draw from the available ground moisture. Potted plants, with their high surface areas, require even moreso, an healthy organic vapor barrier. Adding mulch before the crux of summer arrives, allows plants to adjust to the oncoming heat and reduce the need for tapping into Garland's fragile water supply.


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