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Garland Animal Control still in control

Relinquishing control from its citizens and turning it over to the city, Garland’s city council voted into effect a new ordinance mandating animal sterilization. For you and I, once the crack team at Garland Animal Control impounds an unleashed animal, the required reclamation fee includes a new $75 charge.
As of June 30, 2013, with the new $75 charge, pet owners receive a voucher, a coupon if you will, to act within 30 days of the date of capture to use for the sterilization procedure. In essence, pet owners are paying for the service up-front and as of today, verification of the procedure remains unclear.
Pet owners that fail to comply with the new ordinance face a class C misdemeanor violation which usually follows with a series of court appearances with several fines and court cost itself.
While the new ordinance appears to reduce the amount of unwanted animals in the city, stray cats roaming the parks and neighborhoods decrease the population of mice and rats. Need a history lesson; go back to Europe’s Black Plague. Of the two, stray cats seems a more favorable choice.

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