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Garick Zican missing: WCYB viewers seek answers

WCYB viewers want to know where Garick Zican has gone.
WCYB viewers want to know where Garick Zican has gone.

A visit to the WCYB Facebook page will show several posts questioning the whereabouts of news anchor Garick Zican. Like Steve Hawkins before him, he merely disappeared without a trace from the daily lineup. While Hawkins landed on his feet with his own radio program at a local station, things may not be so favorable for Zican. FTLive has reported on March 13 that he was escorted from the WCYB studios after he "made an idiot" out of himself in front of a candidate for the position of News Director. Zican was also reportedly seeking this same position. On March 18, FTLIVE posted that Zican was released from his position at WCYB.

Here is the official answer posted on Facebook by WCYB on March 20:

Hello, and thanks for contacting us. Garick is no longer with WCYB and we wish him well. We’ll be rotating our other on-air personnel in and out of various newscasts and we will search for the best candidate inside and out to fill that position.
Thanks for your interest in the station and thanks for watching WCYB-TV.

FTLIVE reports that Zican "pummeled the ND candidate with loaded questions and accusations." If this report is true, this is the most bizarre story, following on the heels of the Steve Hawkins story a few years ago. Viewers of the Bristol newscasts become quite attached to their anchors, and many have just not gotten over losing longtime WCYB morning personality Johnny Wood, who retired last year.

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