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Gardens are sprouting with hope for Elementary School Students

Here's Nick on his radio show talking about his TV show.
Here's Nick on his radio show talking about his TV show.
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With a little help from his friends.... and listeners, Nick brings the best of nature to beautify the world with greenery. In addition to his RADIO SHOW that is heard in cities nationwide, he hosts a morning gardening show on Los Angeles's local news program that is filled with humor and fun. Nick is getting listeners and viewers to dip their hand in their backyard gardens and make things grow, including his audience.

Nick Federoff is our local gardening expert who has his roots in philanthropy. He wants to help the local school district put gardens into their elementary campuses. Science is brought to life IN THE GARDEN. His garden project is coming together quickly as Spring is upon us and we all feel the need to have the sun on our shoulders and the beauty of nature in our outdoor spaces, small or large. Nick wants to help! With HOW-TO videos and taped content, he's bringing the beauty of Spring into thousands of households daily. Here in Los Angeles, we appreciate the 30-minute PBS television show on KLCS-TV 58 Saturday mornings at 9AM, but whether you're in town or across the country, Nick's gardening tips are practical ways to bring the beauty of Spring into your life.

Thanks Nick! We need more folks like you out there! I'll continue to follow Nick in his quest for PUBLIC SCHOOL GARDENS for elementary students to learn ecology and the science of bringing life into an empty patch of dirt and creating a thing of beauty.