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Gardening under glass or plastic

Chicago skyscrapers in winter
Chicago skyscrapers in winter
Photo by Scott Olson/Getty Images

Gardening under glass or plastic is four-seasons or year round gardening. It can be done on a tabletop or on acres of land. It can cost less than ten dollars or thousands of dollars. It can be a source of food for a family or the entire world. It can even be an important learning experience for a classroom of children or an impoverished village in an underdeveloped country.

Year round gardening is a nice hobby for a busy gardener. It allows a person to garden any time of day in the comfort of home. After a long working day, a stressed person can putter with indoor plants and relax. Just sitting beside live plants can be relaxing. Not limited by hardiness zones, indoor gardeners can grow exotic, tropical species. They can even sell or give plant cuttings and seeds as gifts.

If a greenhouse is something you want, choose a location on the south or southeast side of your house. The location should be sunny or partially sunny to take full advantage of sunlight. Your house itself will protect the greenhouse from winter winds and cold. To save energy, consider having a solar greenhouse.

A solarium is another indoor gardening choice. It’s attached to the house and increases home value because it increases living space, improves the quality of life and reduces energy costs. A solarium also makes a small room look larger. A contractor can help locate the best place for it.

Other possibilities for indoor or outdoor gardening under glass are greenhouse boxes, window greenhouses, cloches, bottle gardens, bowl gardens, terrariums and bell jars. They enable gardening under glass at bargain prices.

Experiment with the delightful world of gardening under glass or plastic.

Live long and well—garden.

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