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Gardening Resources for Atlanta & Georgia Gardeners

Below you will find a listing of some very valuable gardening websites:
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  1. Atlanta Botanical Gardens - Must see for any Georgia gardener.  Ongoing events and classes. Wonderful children's garden.  Always something new.
  2. Questions about the newest watering rules?  The Urban Ag Council has put together this handy flyer.
  3. Maybe your more interested in the actual law Georgia Water Stewardship Act
  4. All About Raptors - loaded with info on hawks, owls.  Hosted by Callaway Gardens
  5. Callaway Gardens - A wonderful facility with many interesting gardens from Horticultural center, to an extensive vegetable garden, to a butterfly house
  6. University of Georgia College of Agriculture resource website - Hands down, the best all-around gardening information resource site for Georgia or Southern gardeners.
  7. Find you local Cooperative Extension Agent.  Extremely helpful source of guidance from soil testing, to help identifying plant pests and diseases.
  8. "Georgia Gardener's Guide," by Erica Glasener & Walter Reeves - Must-have gardening book for any Georgia gardener, or any gardener, period, for that matter.
  9. Gardeners' Network - Great plant and planting resource.
  10. Southern zones, USDA Hardiness Zone Map
  11. United States & Canada USDA Hardiness Zone Map
  12. Nanofarming blog  for general info, also Getting Started in Nanofarming, and building cedar beds for nanofarming
  13. Atlanta Koi Club

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