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Gardening Lore ~ Plant Roses on Valentine's Day

Amber Flush Rose
Amber Flush Rose

Gardening Lore to Remember: Plant your roses on Valentine’s Day.

In Zone 8, February is the month to get roses in the ground. Since it's so easy to associate roses with Valentine's Day, this piece of gardening lore is easy to remember.

Roses are perennials, which means that the time to plant them according to lunar gardening guidelines is after the Full Moon but before the last quarter. The best days for planting are when the Moon is in a fertile sign: Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces, Taurus, Capricorn, or Libra. Plant during Libra for beauty. Scorpio and Capricorn bring strength. Roses planted during Taurus promise abundant blooms.


Existing roses should be pruned before March 15th in Zone 8. Prune after a New Moon but before a Full Moon for increased growth, and between the Full Moon and New Moon to discourage growth. If you’re new to pruning or squeamish about it, check out this article from the American Rose Society.