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Gardening is just what the doctor ordered

Tools for gardening your way to good health
Tools for gardening your way to good health
Photo by Jane Gates

For many people gardening is a fun hobby or a way to make house and home look more beautiful. But did you know gardening is one of the best things you can do for your health? Here are just some of the benefits your doctor – and you -- will notice when it’s time for a check-up.

How would you like to avoid injuries?

  • Gardening strengthens, stretches and adds flexibility to muscles and bones.

What about being ill less often?

  • Working in the garden increases blood circulation oxygenating and strengthening your organs and making you better at fighting off infections.

Achy and sore?

  • Lack of vitamin D is often being found responsible for tiredness, pain and a whole list of symptoms causing suffering these days. You can go buy supplements to help or you can enjoy working outdoors and let natural sunshine help your body build its own vitamin D cure!

Feeling a bit depressed?

  • Believe it or not, there is an organism in most soils that is released when you dig in your garden, a beneficial fungus that has the same effect as taking an antidepressant -- only it has no bad side effects and it’s free! Also, being active outdoors offers fresh air and increases blood circulation that will sharpen your ability to think and will help you feel better about yourself.

Do you like tasty food?

  • Growing your own fruits and vegetables is not only fun and good exercise, but since fresh food starts losing nutrients immediately after being picked, home-grown edibles have more taste and nutrients than anything you can buy.

Want to lose extra pounds and show off some muscles?

  • Try digging, planting, pruning, carrying containers of soil or water. Gardening offers a wide range of exercise to keep your body looking and feeling in top condition.

Now that you see just some of the benefits of gardening for good health, you can see why this is the cheapest, easiest and most fun way to feel good. Ironically, it’s just what the doctor has been ordering for thousands of years! In our obsession with time and technology, we’ve forgotten some of the best and simplest ways to heal and stay healthy. Gardening is at the top of the list and can be done almost anywhere – including the window sill or a balcony of a small apartment.

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