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Gardening choices

A Chicagoan in winter
A Chicagoan in winter
Photo by Scott Olson/Getty Images

The wonderful world of gardening includes numerous choices for those adventurous persons who want to learn more about it. Experimenting with different kinds of gardening keeps this hobby stimulating and innovative. So, what are these stimulating, innovative gardening choices? Here is the list that this column will explore in the days ahead.

Gardening under glass offers numerous options for the interested gardener. It’s much more than indoor gardening in a conservatory, greenhouse or an enclosed porch. Numerous possibilities are available for gardeners at all income levels.

Water gardening or hydroponics has gained interest currently. This field of gardening can be done indoors or outdoors. Prospects for hydroponics are very bright.

Container gardening is alive and well. It’s popular because of the variety of containers that can be used. It’s also popular because gardening can take place anywhere.

Hügelkultur means growing plants on rotting wood or mounds. This kind of gardening has many special features.

Forest gardening and agroforestry are important in many parts of the world. Planning a garden in a forest or growing crops in a forest has special challenges.

Community gardening adds a social aspect to gardening. It’s good for a community for numerous reasons. It’s even good for a country.

Gardening sharing is done in partnership with landowners. How well it works depends on the agreements and persons involved.

Native plant gardening is as its name suggests, gardening exclusively with native plants. It’s challenging and requires lots of research.

Dry land and desert gardening can be done anywhere and in any climate with plants native to dry lands. This type of gardening also requires research.

Explore the wonderful world of gardening and experiment with its many possibilities. Enjoy the adventures you will have.

Live long and well—garden.

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