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Gardeners, Start Your Peppers!

Burpee's Sweet Big Daddy Pepper

North Jersey gardeners and others in Zone 6 it may be difficult to believe but it is time to start thinking about peppers. Everyone knows there is a foot of icy snow still sitting malevolently atop the garden patch but seriously, time is marching on.

Consider that peppers can be transplanted to the garden two to three weeks after the final frost and started six to eight weeks before transplanting. They also require 18 to 20 days to germinate so it is obvious that it’s time to start filling peat pots with soil and if you don’t have your seeds yet? Better visit your favorite seed supplier right away!

Peppers are a bit peculiar; the plants grow really well in cooler weather but require warm weather to germinate. Place the germination pots in direct sunlight in a warm room, 70 degrees is about as low as you want to go with ambient temperature and you will need to stay at this number and above virtually 24/7.

There are an amazing number of varieties of peppers available this season. Bell peppers in nearly every color of the rainbow, sweet and frying peppers of every description and peppers ranging from merely warm to hot, hot, hot! Even the Bhut Jolokia or ghost pepper is available from a number of suppliers and really, that is about as hot as anyone would reasonably want.

So, disregard how it looks and feels outdoors. For zone six gardeners, it’s time to start the peppers.

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