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Gardeners can take advantage of coming rain

After the rain, a healthy lovely plant.
After the rain, a healthy lovely plant.
Fran Gambín

Los Angeles is due for more rain and gardeners should take advantage of it.

Prepare for a rainfall beforehand by purchasing lawn weed and feed products, fertilizers and treatments for plants and vegetables. When the forecast calls for wet weather, apply the products in the suggested quantities on the package. Lightly water and then let nature take care of the rest.

Nature’s watering system beats anything a gardener can do anytime. Even the most avid worker cannot water well enough to get moisture where it is needed the way a very short rainfall can. Watering deep creates a deep root system. A deep root system makes a very healthy and green lawn.

This region is prone to dryness. Feeding lawns and plants usually requires a great effort in getting enough water to their roots. One of the greatest dangers to lawns is fertilizing and not applying enough water, which results in thatch. Thatch is a layer of thick, dead roots that prevent water from penetrating beneath it. Once it sets in, only scalping or digging will remove it.

Using any nutrient booster on plants, fruits and vegetables also requires an abundance of moisture. Not using enough causes vegetables to bolt (go to seed), fruits actually shrivel and flowers either do not grow to their full potential and/or scorch.

For green growers, apply dried molasses or sugar on grasses. Dried molasses is fed to horses and is found at feed stores. Plain sugar works really well. Applying either of them stimulates a micro-system of vital nutrients. See this discussion, for more information. The best time to apply is right before it rains, so the water can carry them down deep to get that micro-system evenly spread.

If these tasks are carried out while the soil is still moist, plants, lawns and trees will suffer less during a dry spell.



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