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Garden tower vertical gardening

It lets you grow in soil. The many planting holes allows you to grow in a small space. For renters or people who don’t have a lot of room to garden it’s the perfect answer to getting your green thumb on.

Garden tower vertical gardening

50+ holes allows you to put practically your whole garden in just this one vertical gardening tower. It’s a well thought out design. It’s the ultimate in square foot gardening for all of you square-footers out there. It’s weed free. No tilling. This can be nothing but a plus situation for seniors, or whatever your disability may be. The vertical tower comes presterilized so t it is ready to garden when it arrives.

Compost or worms in the tube down the center

Just a half a cup of worms in the beginning will give you excellent fertilizer and soil amendment. Near the bottom of the tube the worm-casted amended aerobic soil can be taken out and added to the tower. Kitchen scraps can also be used to amend your soil to organically fertilize your soil. There are holes in the bottom of the tower for drainage, you can catch this water and use it to water your tower all over again, t’s well worth it to not waste water, saves on your water bill, and the vertical tower plants are happy to receive water that may be amended from traveling down through previous scraps or worm casting or whatever your choice may be. Less nutrients and water lost is a bonus situation all the way around.

The right location

The location that gets the most sun. The most sun it receives the faster your garden vertical will grow. You can still grow n partial sun, the growth will just be slower or your can make sure to use vegetables and flowers that take to partial sun.

Potting soil mix

You can buy a pre-bagged soil especially if you are low on space you will not have the area to make your own soil. Soils that come already made in bags can be good stuff or a waste of your time and money. The cheaper the soil mix is not necessarily the better. At Lowes last summer their cheapest soil was more like mulch that you place around your trees and not the best for container gardening. When you are buying your soil it works to see what you are buying, look for any ripped or torn bags, or buy from a reputable company.

You can plant your seeds or your can use plant transplants

While watching this episode you will learn how to set up the vertical tower for optimum gardening benefit. Just remember the soil mineralization that is used in the video can be costly but it is done with good reason, for the best plant growth and for your own mineral intake. Get your gardening friends to go in on the costs with you together to cut the cost and to keep it economical for you.

Vertical gardening is not a fluke. It’s a way of gardening, getting your groceries in an environment that is conducive to your way of eating. It’s inexpensive and it’s fruitful.

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