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Garden gnome find: Tennessee woman finds more inside gag gift

A garden gnome find has one Tennessee woman on the hunt for answers after a gag gift from a friend turned out to be something more than what it appeared to be at first look. Heather Andrews received three garden gnomes from a childhood friend. When one broke after she accidentally dropped it, she found another statue inside the gnome. WRIC reported on the woman's surprising find on May 22.

Andrews did not expect to find the second statue, and now she is very curious about the item inside her joke gnome. Her friend brought three gnomes at a local Target, and she gave all three to Andrews. The woman was taking them inside her home after she received them, and that is when she dropped one. The broken gnome held another statue inside, and that statue is fused to the gnome statue.

Andrews and her friend, Jillian Pozzi, did contact Target to find out about the gnome and the statue, but the retailer had no information. Target sent back the following about the item: "We do not have enough information to speak to this specific situation, but we encourage the individual to contact guest relations for additional assistance if they have questions or concerns Target may be able to answer."

Andrews does have a goal now. She wants to know more about the statue, and she wants to know why it was put there. Pete the Gnome was made in China, and the woman has even created a Facebook page for the statue in her hunt for answers. Some have tried to help her out in her quest by visiting the Facebook page.

Andrews has admitted that some have been creeped out by the statue inside the gnome. She said the following during a local news interview, according to Yahoo News: "I just want to know where it came from, why they put it there. A lot of people are scared of it, like just creeped out by the idea."

Andrews started her search by asking her friends if they had any ideas about the origin of the inner statue, but she took her search global when that didn't provide her with any clues. Andrews is determined to find out more about the gnome and the statue inside it. One visitor to her Facebook page did provide one clue. It might be part of an angel statue. The woman shared the information on Pete's Facebook page.

Andrews does not fear the inner statue. She did break open the other two gnomes she was given with her friends help, and the third was the only one that contained the statue inside it. Andrews will continue to look for answers about Pete the Gnomes and the mysterious item inside it. Andrews believes it is a little piece of treasure because she has been told that "gnomes represent guardians of treasure." Hopefully, her search leads her to the source of this mysterious treasure.

What do you think? Where did the statue inside the gnome come from? Have you ever found something like this yourself? Share your thoughts below.

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