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Garden gnome find called 'creepy': Gnome falls, cracks open revealing mystery

A garden gnome that cracked wide open when the owner accidentally dropped the statue unveiled a mysterious secret that some are calling “creepy” today. The garden gnome turns out to be a vessel that has carried a religious-looking statue inside but no one can figure out the reason behind this, according to Yahoo News on May 23.

Garden Gnome reveals a religious statue fused to its inside, what is this all about?
Facebook/Heather Andrews

Heather Andrews was given three garden gnomes as a gag gift from a friend and while taking her latest garden art out of the car, one of the gnomes dropped. A big chunk came off the gnome revealing this pure white and intricately detailed statue almost resembling an angel, reports Newsmax today.

The statue is fused to the inside of the hollow gnome. Curiosity got the best of her and she cracked open the other two garden gnomes to see if they too held treasures. Those two gnomes were hollow with nothing but air inside.

The friend purchased the garden gnomes at Target and Heather emailed Target asking if they knew why a garden gnome would hold a secret statue inside. She got a reply back basically saying without more information they don’t have an answer. They provided another email address for their “guest relations” department.

It is out of sheer curiosity that Heather wants to know where the statue came from and why they put the statue inside another statue. This mysterious find has taken on a life of its own now that Heather has “adopted” the statue and named it “Pete.” Pete, the garden gnome, even has its own Facebook page.

Heather created the Facebook page for people to take a look at Pete and maybe give her some ideas on who the statue is depicting. She wanted to know if someone has seen this image before and if so, then what is this an image of.

Gnomes are the guardians of treasures and it looks as if this gnome had its own treasure to hide! So far Geraldine Sargent seems to have found an image that closely resembles the statue inside the statue, she left her reply on Pete's Facebook page.

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