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Garden Creamery offers fun and whimsical desserts

An ice cream sandwich from Garden Creamery, reminiscent of an It's It. But better.
Jessica Park

There's a special place in our hearts for sweets that we've had as children, whether it's an It's It ice cream sandwich or a Three Musketeers candy bar. But what if it were possible to take these pieces of childhood memory and turn it into a flavorful dessert?

Garden Creamery, a local dessert truck, succeeds in doing just that. Erin Lang, owner of the dessert truck aspires to make desserts that are "unique, but also nostalgic with a fun twist." Using local, high quality ingredients, such as E. Guittard chocolate and Straus Family Creamery dairy, Lang elevates the classics to a new level, while still retaining those flavor profiles that we remember.

Her ice cream sandwich composes of two crumbly, oatmeal cookies and a generous layer of ice cream. It is then half-dipped in chocolate, the finishing touch to that classic ice cream novelty, but still exposing the tempting layers of cookies and ice cream.

There is also a sense of adventure in the Garden Creamery desserts. Take one of the best sellers, the strawberry pretzel pop: a delicious combination of the tart sweetness of frozen strawberry mousse, dipped in a white chocolate with the salty crunch of pretzel pieces. It is not difficult to see why it's such hit with the perfect amount of salty sweetness.

Garden Creamery also possesses a spirit of innovation as you will find items on the menu that are not on the website. Recently, the gelato line was introduce and has been an immediate hit with flavors like Strawberries on Steroids and Mango Lime Zest. A butcher paper with a neatly written daily menu is taped next to the window of the food truck so stay on your toes. However, the fan favorites are pretty much always available.

Creamy, flavorful sorbets. Gelatos that pop with flavor. Boba tea floats. You will definitely enjoy these desserts...and a trip down memory lane. You can follow Garden Creamery on Facebook and Twitter.

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