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Garden Apothecary offers nature-based body products

The lovely label is what first caught my eye. With an earthen hue and gold lettering, the label features the silhouette of a willowy woman with a garden rake over one shoulder and a cocktail glass in her hand.

Garden Apothecary offers nature-based body products
Jackie Sheckler Finch
Garden Apothecary offers nature-based body products
Jackie Sheckler Finch

To me, it represents a beautiful spring day with all the hopes and joys of playing in the dirt with new plants. After the winter we’ve had here in Indiana, the scene seems so beguiling, especially with its invitation to “Come close to Nature.”

But it is what’s in the classy container with the eye-catching label that is the true treasure. When a jar of Garden Apothecary sugar scrub and a bottle of Garden Apothecary face and body mist arrived at my front door, I was eager to see if the products are as good as they look.

They certainly are.

First, Garden Apothecary uses top grade organic botanical ingredients in its body care products. Made in small batches, my peppermint organic sugar scrub contains turbinado sugar, almond oil, peppermint oil and leaves, plus vitamin E. Turbinado sugar is sugar cane which is minimally refined. The result is large crystals that are medium brown in color.

Instructions said to apply the sugar scrub to the body in a gentle circular motion before showering. It is especially nice on the feet. After a long working day with bunches of walking, the scrub made my feet feel refreshed and ready for tomorrow. The scrub also smelled as good as it sounds and the scent lingered for a nice peppermint reminder.

I’ve used other scrubs and they can be quite messy and even greasy. But the Garden Apothecary scrub went on easily, left my skin feeling smooth and didn’t require a major shower cleanup afterwards.

The face and body mist contains purified waters and peppermint oils. Along with being a comforting body spray, the mist also can be used on bedcovers. It was very pleasant to slip into my bed with freshly washed sheets sprayed with the mist. Peppermint is renowned for its restful therapeutic uses and I can certainly see why.

So who is the person behind these wonderful products? I wasn’t surprised to discover it wasn’t a big company or conglomerate. Company owner, operator and hands-on product creator is professional horticulturist Jennifer Segale. In 2000, Segale started an organic landscape design and consulting company specializing in coastal plantings, vertical gardens and unique plant sourcing. To share her knowledge – much of which she learned as a youngster gardening with her grandfather – Segale also writes for print publications and blogs.

As a natural progression of her landscaping business, Segale launched Garden Apothecary in 2008. Segale crafts hand-made, small-batch botanical products for the face and body from her home in Half moon Bay, California.

Other Garden Apothecary products include drinking tea, candles, flower essence, massage oil, bath tea and mud masks. They all sound delightful to me.

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