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Garde Robe: A World of Possibilities for the Luxury Wardrobe

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Overflowing closets are a common problem for the fashion set with so many seasons of shopping, space-consuming winter wear, an explosion of accessories... the picture is very clear. This was a problem that had to be solved by stale air storage places, expanding closets or even keeping half of the wardrobe at the summer home until Garde Robe came to save the day.

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Garde Robe is a luxury wardrobe storage and services firm that basically works as equal parts luxe storage facilities and wardrobe butler. Founder Kim Akhtar started the company after a wardrobe horror at a dry cleaner left her summer wardrobe which had been stored prior to being cleaned in a damp basement looking less than stellar. Her dry cleaning bill was still as healthy as ever though her clothes had certainly seen better days. She realized that her fashionable city peers must also be dealing with similar struggles and Garde Robe was born.

It’s a bit difficult to describe in one sentence what Garde Robe does for clientele as they offer everything from museum-quality storage, seasonal wardrobe storage, styling, wardrobe editing, garment care, luggage-free valet and more. The most popular service is the long-term preservation of textiles that cannot be replaced. The clients with such garments range from private clients to designer collections such as Oscar de la Renta. The garments are stored in the nearest Garde Robe facility (locations are in Long Island City, Florida and California) where they are professionally cleaned, photographed, catalogued and stored in the climate-controlled, air-purified space. Clients may then access all of the items of their closets via personal websites through the firm so requesting that gown for tomorrow night’s event or calling back those perfect four pairs of winter boots for the season is as easy as a few clicks. Clients can rest assured of the safety of their items as the facilities feature top security and Garde Robe is “the only museum-quality storage company exclusively for textiles in the nation,” as explained by the firm’s Vice President, Douglas Greenberg.

Seasonal wardrobe storage is another popular service – particularly with clients based in New York City. The Endless Closet Space seasonal service is the ideal solution for fashionphiles struggling with the conundrum of New York City closet space. Garde Robe isn’t only for clients in the U.S., the firm operates on a global scale. Now that we know there’s no limit to our closet space, what could possibly ever slow down our shopping?!

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