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Garbanzo Mediterranean Grill: Mediterranean fare at a more than fair price

Looks cookie cutter, but get ready to be pleasantly surprised.
Looks cookie cutter, but get ready to be pleasantly surprised.
8225 S Chester St. Englewood, CO 80112

Take it from a guy who always fed his veggies to the dog under the table as a kid, Garbanzo Mediterranean Grill makes eating your vegetables, dare it be said, enjoyable. With palet friendly Red Cabbage Salad, Babaganush, Couscous, white or wheat Pita bread, Hummus and delicious Falafel, Fido will be eating strictly from his bowl tonight. With a price range from $4.29 for a bowl of soup to $6.39 for the Steak Shwarma Plate it's a healthy alternative to...well, just about everything in its price range. Yes, the interior has that corporate-franchise feel, but the food is definitely mom and pops. The portions are very generous which is good but it makes the one Pita bread you're given with a plate inadequate for accommodating all of that food. Fortunately, they baked their Pitas fresh for a quick backup. The great thing about ordering a plate is that every fork- load is a sum of many parts, a meshing of goodness that together tastes great. It is widely accepted that 'great' is a word seldom reserved to describe fast food but when weighed against its price and convenience Garbanzo Mediterranean Grill has earned that rare distinction.

When was the last time you went to a fast food place and the manager came to your table to make sure everything was going well? There have been several verified sightings of such behavior at this Mediterranean eatery. The only knock on this place is that it’s hard to tell your Falarma from your Shwarma and the menu isn't very helpful for those who don't know Greek/Arabic. On that note, it must be said that technically, the cuisine is Southeast European/MidEastern in origin but most are comfortable calling it Greek. Ultimately, when you have a fast food place that has an attentive staff serving delicious and nutritious food for under seven bucks you could only find yourself summing it up by saying, 'Garbanzo Mediterranean Grill--It's all Greek to me…and it’s one of the best deals out there'.

Address: 8225 S. Chester Street, Englewood, CO 80112
Indoor/Outdoor seating: yes/yes
Table service: no
Take-out: yes
Delivery: no



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